Website Redo

apaws-website-mc-2015 apaws-website-mc-2015


LuluLemon Online Brand

Lulu Lemon has quickly become a world-wide trademark brand, known specifically for luxurious active wear. Due to their large group of followers, Lulu Lemon must make sure they’re digital advertising is spot on throughout all different mediums. After looking through their online store, Instagram, and twitter, I immediately realized how distinct they make each of their pages. Throughout each type of social media it is very apparent that they strive to create a sleek and glossy look. The pages are full of neutral colors, making them aesthetically pleasing. Lulu Lemon’s website has a blog attached to it, which I believe to be a relatable tool because the use of a blog brings about a sense of community and creates a band of online followers. Lulu Lemon has built a brand based on a distinct lifestyle brand of clothing, which they perfectly adapt into their social media. If I could give them one piece of advice to improve their brand online, I would suggest them incorporating health and well-being through their different pages. As humans, we innately are drawn to things that promise us any benefits. Lulu Lemon should stress the benefits their clothes brings to the consumer throughout their website and other social media platforms, instead of just how “luxurious” their athletic brand clothing is. There is more to lulu than just being a luxurious brand, and they should broaden their marketing efforts to get each aspect of their brand out there. This will allow their brand to attract consumers out of their normal niche market.


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I used “Harrington” because I thought it really depicted my adjective I chose, which was “playful.” It adds a fun edge to the word and represents it well. Although at first I had trouble with being creative enough to figure out a way to represent my adjective, after scanning through every font option, I decided Harrington would do the job well. Everything else was easy, it just took me a while to accurately depict “playful” using only the word and no color.

Business Card

Buisness Card 1 MC 2015

In creating my business card, my first struggles came when I attempted to create a logo for my card. Eventually, I figured out how to create a logo but not one that contained much detail. That was my only struggle in the actual making of the business card, however I ran into another problem when I tried to up load my card to my blog.  I struggled with getting the business card to show up as an actual image, which is why it appears as a link on my blog post. I found that is was easy to make the actual card, with just a few struggles a long the way that were easily overcome, and the struggles that I could not overcome are still apparent in my blog post.